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3Step Parent Training

Good Parenting For Challenging Moments:  Effective communication skills with toddlers, children, tweens and teens

3Step seminars are highly effective, hands on, interactive workshops specifically aimed at helping you handle difficult moments with your children regardless of their age. They provide you with the right knowledge and appropriate communication skills to successfully address:

• Fears, Resistance, Temper Tantrums
• Teasing and Bullying at home and at school
• Homework and academic performance issues

3Step seminars  also aim to empower you and to help you as a parent effectively communicate with your childrens teachers and other important adults in a way that fosters co-operation and collaboration.

An online training course will be available as from automn 2022 and will be posted shortly.

Types of workshops (Regular/Fast Track)Parents of children betweenDurationCost

To book contact: 00306937475161 or email: [email protected]

By taking the 3Step training you will

  • Become familiar with the 3Step method: A clear framework of communication that brings about positive change and collaboration.
  • Get practical information and experiential learning in addressing difficult, resistant and argumentative students and parents.
  • Learn communication skills that increase empathy, personal and social awareness, encourage adaptive behaviours and set clear boundaries.
  • Gain knowledge on how to help children be empathetic and responsible with the ability to show self- restraint as well as becoming confident, assertive and empowered.

Θέλετε να αποκτήσετε τη σχέση που ονειρεύεστε με τα παιδιά σας ;

What is included:

What parents have said about the course:

  • “I really enjoyed this workshop and my ability to relate to my children improved so much! Many thanks!”
  • “So much of my children’s behaviour made sense after this seminar. It was great to also know how to handle ‘those moments’. I was amazed by the results.”
  • “I do lots of what Kristina told us anyway but it was so revealing to discover why it is so effective. I also enjoyed picking up some more skills along the way like the 3Step method. ”
  • “The 3Step process is so straight forward. I applied it as soon as I finished the workshop and it felt so good to see how well my daughter responded. I can’t wait to try it on others too!”
  • “The 3step process gave me insight into my own behaviours and how these impact my children and their responses, the programme gave me tools to work more positively and effectively with my children”


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