Couples/Relationships Therapy

We all need to feel safe, appreciated and loved in our relationships

We long for emotional connection and a feeling of belonging. These needs have survival value so, when things go awry with our loved ones, alarm bells go off and we do what we can to draw the other near us so as to reconnect.

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, we don’t seem to be able to get our messages across or the balance between us restored. The more we try the worse things seem to get. As a result we may feel frustrated, angry, betrayed, ashamed, hopeless, sad and everything in between.

As a therapist my aim is to create a safe environment where we can explore what’s really going on for you and intercept the vicious circle that is high-jacking your relationship. I provide some psycho-education to help you better understand your reactions. Together we will place needs, feelings, fears, and hopes in a context where they can be received and felt. My aim is to help you restore trust, safety, companionship and connection in your relationship.

What couples often complain about

  • We fight over nothing and its always about the same things.
  • We argue a lot and many times I can’t even remember what set us off.
  • I’m always complaining but its like talking to a wall.
  • It’s always my fault. However much I try it’s never good enough
  • I just keep quiet. It’s the only way not to make things worse but she doesn’t get it.

Q & A

Do you only see couples?
I work with people in any close relationship.

How long does therapy last and how long is each session?
Sessions run on a weekly basis and are about 75 – 90 mins.

Skype or Personal Session?
We can book Skype sessions or arrange meetings at my Athens office.

What is your experience in working with mixed marriages and members of the foreign community?
I am bilingual and have lived in a number of countries. I am one of the first psychotherapists in Greece to be working with non Greek nationals. I work in Greek, English and French.

How much experience do you have working as a counsellor and a psychotherapist?
I have a BA (Hons) in Psychology and have an MA in ‘Counselling Studies’. I have been working since 1994 and I have taken part in international conferences and training workshops that have kept me up to date with developments in the field. I am an accredited Counselor and Therapist.

What is your therapeutic approach?
I am a Person-Centred Therapist practicing EFCT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) a leading approach in working with couples. My work is also informed by AEDP, a contemporary psychotherapeutic modality based in neuroscience.


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