Parent Counselling

Parenting can at times be perplexing, difficult and occasionally exasperating and completely overwhelming. So, if you are puzzled by your child’s reactions, wondering how to handle ‘those moments’ and wanting to build loving and trusting relationships in the family, it’s important to know you are not alone.

It takes a whole village to raise a child

Here’s the good news. There is a lot we now know aboutfamily dynamics as well as child development. I will be happy to make parenting easier by sharing this knowledge and providing you with skills and lots of suggestions that you’ll find empowering and inspiring enabling you to build your own unique relationship with your child.

If any of the following are distressing you and your child, parent counseling may come as a great help:

  • Temper Tantrums, Rudeness, and Disobedience
  • Problems with: Bedtime, Screen-time and Meals
  • School Issues: Homework Struggles and Social Dynamics
  • Learning Differences (and other ways of being unique)
  • Bullying and Teasing
  • Fears, Anxiety, Shyness or Excessive Energy and Impulsiveness
  • Sibling Rivalry and other Family Dynamics
  • Divorce, Loss, Bereavement
  • Pre-Teen and Teen issues

As an experienced counsellor for parents and educators and a successful author on dealing with challenging moments with kids, my aim is to help you bring up children that are happy, respectful of self and others, resourceful and resilient.

Q & A

How long will the session last?
Sessions are a 50 mins to an hour long.

Do you Skype?
Yes, I will be happy to meet you over Skype or in person at my Athens office.

Should both parents attend?
Although it is a good idea for both parents to attend this is not always possible, and that’s OK.

Should we bring our children?
Your children don’t have to be with you. Appropriate guidance and information can help you do a lot without your child being present. If however after our discussion we find it would be useful for your child to be present, we will arrange it.

What is your experience?
I have over 20 years’ experience in advising parents and educators to deal successfully with challenging issues regarding children of all ages. I am a certified Parent/Teacher Effectiveness Trainer and an author of hands-on bestselling handbooks for parents and educators.



3Step seminars are highly effective, hands on, interactive workshops specifically aimed at helping parents and teachers handle difficult moments with children of all ages. A few hours of training and you will learn a clear framework of communication that empowers children when they feel disheartened or afraid and helps you get through to them when the are resistant and difficult. It contains cutting edge information and skills to help you raise resourceful, considerate and happy children.

Be you a parent or a teacher, 3Step also shows you how to bypass communication obstacles in those parent-teacher meetings, and teaches you skills that bring about understanding and collaboration between you for the benefit of any child. Over the past few years the 3Step method has been taken up by some of the most prestigious schools in Greece, is considered an outstanding programme for dealing with teasing and bullying and is renown for helping hundreds of parents build trusting relationships with their children.

I’ve been a parent and teacher trainer for nearly 20 years, I am the founder of the 3Step approach and I will be happy to show you how it all works and how be the parent or teacher you most want to be.


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