Is therapy right for me?

The days when therapy was a taboo are over. Yet, the notion that we should be dealing with life alone still lingers on. Many of us soldier on indefinitely feeling increasingly stuck and unhappy. We question whether we really ’feel as bad as all that!’; we want to give things yet another try. We think that talking to a therapist is like talking to friends. But it’s not.

The truth is that therapy deals with life issues large and small, past or present that may befall us humans and, you don’t have end up in tangles before reaching out.

Unlike friends and family – whose reactions and perception of us are coloured by their own needs, fears and hopes for us – a therapist is trained in understanding feelings, thought patterns, behaviours, and relationships. She is also skilled in introducing effective interventions.

So, if you are finding yourself:

  • Going around in circles
  • Disappointed, sad and tired of trying
  • Overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings
  • Over reacting – or maybe not reacting enough
  • Unable to get over something or to get the grip on something
  • Feeling hurt by your relationships
  • Unsure of how to deal with something or someone
  • Unable to be yourself, or to sleep, or to enjoy life
  •  …or maybe it’s a combination of those or perhaps none of those

Booking your first appointment is an important step in claiming a life that’s more fulfilling meaningful and… fun. I will be very happy to assist you in this process. We can arrange a skype appointment or a meeting at my office.

I’ll be very happy to hear from you.

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