Counselling Psychotherapy Individual Sessions

Counselling and psychotherapy is for everyone

and should come as simply and naturally as seeking the help of any other specialist. Getting in touch with a therapist is an important move in claiming a life that is more meaningful, less painful and more fulfilling.

Although therapists are trained to support people in very difficult times you needn’t wait till feeling utterly miserable before picking up the phone. You might want to talk to a specialist if you simply want to understand something, take a decision or put your thoughts and feelings in order. Or perhaps you’d like to get over something that is weighing you down. In counseling sessions­ all are qually important.

My purpose as a therapist is to help you feel more empowered and happier with your life and your relationships.

Here are some examples of why clients approach me:

  • Stuck in self-defeating patterns
  • Unhappy with relationships
  • Unable to put something that’s happened behind them
  • Overwhelmed by feelings and unable to hold back their reactions
  • Needing to talk about things with someone who is neither friend nor family
  • Feeling that nobody really understands them
  • Tired and frustrated all the time
  • Addressing an unhappy or difficult childhood
  • Wanting to get to know themselves better

Q & A

How long does therapy last and how long is each session?
Sessions run on a weakly basis and are 50 mins to one’-hour long.

Skype or Personal Session?
I offer both.

Will I always need therapy once I start?
Therapy aims at helping you become more confident and independent in your life. Seeking therapy in the future will be out of choice and not dependence.

What is your experience in working with members of the foreign community?
I am one of the first psychotherapists in Greece to be working with non Greek nationals (1994 – ). I was brought up bilingual and lived in a number of foreign countries. I’m currently based in Athens and work in Greek, English and French.

How much experience do you have working as a counsellor and a psychotherapist?
I have studied psychology and obtained a masters degree in counselling studies. I have been working with clients of many different nationalities for 23 years. Throughout this time I continue my professional development by participating in international conferences and training workshops that keep me up to date with the latest developments in our field. I am an accredited counselor and therapist with EACP, GAC, HPCE.

What is your therapeutic approach?
I am a Person-Centred therapist. The PC approach was developed by Carl Rogers and holds that we are all born with a natural tendency to grow and develop and an innate need for supportive, safe relationships. When all goes well we are able to actualize our potential. However, there are times when events and relationships may hold us back and, efforts to adapt or overcome them may cause us more unhappiness, frustration even misery. As a PC therapist I aim to provide my clients with a safe environment to explore what is happening, to connect with their inner resources so that they can bring about changes that will move them forward in life. My work is also informed by contemporary psychotherapeutic modalities based in neuroscience.


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