3Step Method: Effective Communication at Home & at School


This book helps parents and educators develop a safe relationship with kids and teens.  Adults are given important information and the tools needed to deal with a challenging situations that normally and inevitably arise at home and at school. A wide range of examples of varying degrees of seriousness along with dialogues show how to intervene in a caring and supportive way. How to be clear and firm when needed, how to fulfill a pedagogical role in a way that helps children grow and learn while developing a healthy relationship with themselves and others.  Furthermore, the book indicates how the 3Step method can help reduce reactivity and bring about responsiveness and cooperation amongst important adults – teachers and parents, where the benefit of young people is concerned.

I Know How To Say NO!

This is a book for 8-15 year olds. Each of its illustrated chapters addresses dangerous situations children may encounter while growing up and tells them how to best handle them. Children, tweens and teens are made aware of issues such as bullying, substance and sexual abuse, internet safety and learn how to asses situations, set boundaries and above all keeps them safe from those that manipulate. I know how to say no is on the best selling list of children’s books and is also the perfect aid for parents and teachers wanting to inform young people about internet safety, sexual predators, drug use and abuse, teasing and bullying, in a way that empowers them and makes them savvy. (In greek by Patakis Publications)

School bullying and how to handle it

Τhis is a first class aid for anyone dealing with children and teens on a regular basis. It is an excellent guide that increases awareness on the causes of bullying, how it develops and spreads an how to best handle it when it occurs in a way that sets clear boundaries and is also child centred. The author introduces a new pedagogical tool for handling difficult situations with children. This is the _3Step model_ whose application is demonstrated in the book through dialogues with victims and those who bully in a wide variety bullying situations. In addition a whole chapter is dedicated to effective teacher parent communication in a way that by passes many of the usual problems that arise for the benefit of students no matter what role the had in a bullying incident. The book is part of the _3Step model_ training for teachers of some of Greeces’ top schools with outstanding results. (In Greek by Patakis Publications)

How to do well at school and exams

This book is considered an absolute must for school children in Greece. In an fun and relaxed manner it helps middle school and high school children improve not only their study skills but also their self esteem. Through entertaining examples and amusing exercises kids are empowered and motivated students to change habits and try out new skills with their school work and also the way they relate to themselves, their parents and teachers and also their friends. This book became an instant best seller selling thousands of copies throughout Greece.

School diary for school success

A fun, easy to use diary for middle school and high school students filled with study skill advice, time management tips and prioratising guidelines.

Study Skills To Be A Winner At School.

Studying is boring! Is there something wrong with me?
No, you’ll get over it when you pass your exams

This book is a self help book for elementary and high school students. It’s packed with practical advice and tricks that make homework easier and exams a success. At the same time it empowers students by helping them on their self esteem and interpersonal skills to deal with friends, parents and teachers.


  • Πρόσφατα στους χώρους εργασίας παρατηρείται το εξής αξιοπερίεργο φαινόμενο: Εργαζόμενοι σε νεαρή ηλικία εκπλήσσονται δυσάρεστα, αναστατώνονται και θυμώνουν όταν δεν παίρνουν την αναγνώριση και επιβράβευση που πιστεύουν ότι δικαιούνται. Κλονίζονται όταν διαπιστώνουν ότι δεν είναι και τόσο ξεχωριστοί έναντι των άλλων, ότι η ζωή τούς......

  • Θεραπευτικό ημερολόγιο Το να κρατά κανείς ημερολόγιο μη σας φαίνεται ντεμοντέ. Σε μια εποχή που όλα τρέχουν, το ημερολόγιο έχει πολλά κρυφά και άκρως θεραπευτικά πλεονεκτήματα. Γίνεται έμπιστος και επιστήθιος φίλος, στήριγμα και λιμάνι στις δύσκολες στιγμές, εμψυχωτής, εξομολογητής, ψυχαναλυτής, μάρτυρας των εμπειριών και των......

  • Ο ενδοσχολικός εκφοβισμός, γνωστός και ως bullying, ενδημεί σε κάποιον βαθμό σε όλα τα σχολεία. Συμβαίνει τις περισσότερες φορές συγκαλυμμένα και συνήθως, για ευνόητους λόγους, μακριά από ενήλικες. Αν και ορισμένα παιδιά είναι πιο ευάλωτα στο bullying λόγω του ότι διαφέρουν, οποιοδήποτε παιδί μπορεί να......

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